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Reflection of 2018...

Hello Everyone!
2018 was kind of a year that happened to us. It was wonderful, but wowzers. It was hard. In 2016 Nate and I moved here from Napa become the Worship and Creative Directors of a church called Hingepoint. The church had just come out of it’s church plant stage, it was about seven years old, and had about 400 people between two identical services weekly. After about a year of building the team, our relationships and culture a bomb dropped on us and we were going to merge with another church. The end of 2017 was spent getting to know Calvary Bible Church. CBC was a 60 year old church community of about 500 people, with a full-time worship pastor, a traditional service with full choir and orchestra, and a contemporary service. Also: did I mention the average age of Hingepoint was 28 and the average age of CBC was 58? To say that the culture of our two communities was very different is the understatement of the century, but we could see that God was in it. We saw how much w…

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