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How I Learned to Sew - A Few Resources For You!

Good morning friends! I get asked alllllll the time (seriously, atleast 3 or 4 times on a Sunday and then a dew times during the week) “Rachel, how did you learn to sew?” So today, I’m going to answer that question.

Let me first explain what I’m NOT doing: Designing. This is a totally different process. When you see my creations on social media, these are patterns that I’ve purchased and put together. As far as sewing is concerned, I just follow the directions. Really. After being super inspired by Project Runway in 2009, I went out and bought a very simple starter sewing machine, and read the manual.
This is an awesome machine to learn with that won’t break the bank.
Brother Sewing Machine

This is the one I'm saving up for:
This Brother Project Runway Machine

Then I got some instructional books that came with simple patterns and read the directions. Then I bought some “Very Easy Vogue” patterns, and read the directions. A great way inexpensive patterns is to pay attention to the…

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