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It's Fake Fall, So Here's What I Can't Wait To Wear...Two Months From Now

This post is full of affiliate links, so there you go. With that disclaimer... Here we go! You guys, it's September and I only want to do one thing: dress like it. But today was literally 105, and will be until after Halloween, so living vicariously through this post is the best I can do.  Also, I've also FINALLY found it down in my soul (just kidding, taking care of my body is totally a spiritual thing... more on that later) to actually eat healthy (thank you three 3 week fruits and veggie fast and serious prayer time) and actually find an exercising activity I actually love. I literally traded my bougie fancy stroller for a very inexpensive and non-fancy jogging stroller and got to jogging! I get up, throw bubs in the stroller, and I jog 4 times a week. Here's the most surprising thing... I LOVE IT! Who freakin' knew?! Honestly, it's about being able to take my son with me. He's a blast to take a long. I get my app going, I start my podcast (The Rise and Fall

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