Back in Action

Hey Everyone!
It's me, Rachel Parrish, back at it. Remember when I said I'd be back in June? Hilarious. Life though, am I right?

So what the heck have we been up to? Well... lets see, Nate and I have been running our worship ministry together and it's been good, Nate is still in Kutless and that'ss been good, I drink a million gallons of coffee and that's been good, and we still don't have a dog or a child and depending on who you ask, that's been good. That's the wayyyy oversimplified version of course.

I really gotta say, I've missed Parrish The Thought. I've missed whatever this is, and wow, I am out of practice. But here I am, back in the game. I actually thought about moving over to other platforms, because that's the thing to do, but you know what, I like Blogger! I know it makes my URL super ugly or whatever, but I actually don't care about that.  What I do care about it is the fact that I get to talk/write about stuff I love, and engage with like-minded people I wouldn't otherwise meet.

So what kind of stuff can you expect to see here?

1) Worship/Creative & Church Ministry life. If you're new to PTT, you may not know that my life took a major left turn when I turned 30, and I changed careers. I was a high school teacher living n the Napa Valley, and I am now a Worship Pastor. Being in full-time vocational ministry is one of the weirdest jobs out there, it gets even more crazy when you do that with your spouse. As you can imagine, there's a lot to process.

2) Clothes. Parrish The Thought will always have clothes. That was what made me start wanting to blog in the first place. I'm starting to discover that there is a difference between fashion and personal style, so you'll see that here as well.

3) Makeup. Yes. I know what you're thinking "Rachel, I can't believe you joined an {MLM, pyramid scheme, what have you}, you're drinkin' the kool-aid, girl." You're right. More on that and Maskcara later. More on what Maskcara actually is, here, or you can click on the Maskcara link at the top left corner of the screen.

Well everyone, I really hope you're excited to join in this crazy journey with me. I hope you're open to the possibility of pursuing dreams you thought were dead. I hope you're open to thrifting, and bargain hunting. I hope you're open to drinking {a lot of} coffee with me, and doing real life with each other, and with Jesus in His Word. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that you're here. It's gonna be really fun. It is so good to be back.