MaskCara Monday: The 5 minute-face and the Power Powder brush

Hey Everyone!
Happy Monday to you! I don't know about you, but I feel like Monday's are a little less awful knowing I get to play with makeup with you guys.

Today, I thought I would share about my other brush, and my newfound obsession with it. The Power Powder brush. Don't get tripped up on the name, because part of the beauty of Make up and MaskCara is... you do what works! The 30 Second HAC brush is specifically made for the HAC palette, but it may not be the right fit for your face. You may be looking for a brush with a more contoured or sturdy end, or maybe your prefer a flat brush to press in the cream foundation. There are many reasons the different brushes might be better for you. The bigger Maskcara brushes are so versatile, you could easily do a full face of make up with one brush in five minutes. For me that's everything.

When applying your 5-minute face, you always start with a clean/moisturized/primed (CMP) face. This really helps when using a cream foundation, and gives you nice smooth surface to work with. I've got pretty sensitive skin, so I don't exfoliate every day, just once a week. For you gals with oily skin, or live in high heat or humidity like I do, you may want to use the Stay Pray before you apply. I love it because you can get it with SPF, so for you gals living in the sun, you get a little extra protection. I use it both before and after I apply.

A lot of gals also ask, "Where do I start? What do I buy first?" Hands down, the HAC palette, a brush, and the IID perfector. From there, your options and possibilities are endless. After giving the Power Powder brush a try,  I found that the tapered black end gives a more defined line for contouring which really helps when you're contouring your nose, and under your jawline. It also gives a nice gradient, with a more concentrated pigmentation on one side, making blending easier and little more intentional.

Here's a little video to help illustrate how to HAC using the Power Powder brush. (I gotta say, it's slowly but surely becoming my favorite brush)

Parrish The Thought

What do you think? What's your very favorite brush? Where did you find it? I think I've mentioned before that I was buying all my brushes at Target, and as far as drugstore brands go, the ones you find at Target aren't terrible, but after becoming a MaskCara Artist, I just can't go back. If you think you can't live without something you've seen here, click the logo below, or the MaskCara link in the top right corner! My artist number is 4778! Bye guys!
Parrish The Thought


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