Maskcara Monday: What's In Your Makeup Bag?

Hey Everyone!
So this actually isn't a beauty blog, and I'm not a beauty blogger, but I wanted to take a few minutes to explain what the Maskcara Beauty products are.

The foundation that really drives Maskcara beauty is the IIID Foundation palette.  It's a cream Highlight, Contour, Blush and Illuminator (See my HAC 101 Video). I'm not exagerating, that little palette, 30 Second HAC brush, and the IIID perfector  is legitimately all I use on daily basis. Because it's a cream, it actually makes it super versatile. You can use as much or as little as you want for your desired coverage. If you're a light makeup/get up and go type of lady, you just apply a thin layer of everything in your palette (watch the video, there's no serious layering, so you don't have a ton of makeup on your face), blend away, and you're good to go. If your daily routine includes a little more glam, you can add a little more detail and use more than one highlight and do a full eye (That video is coming soon). Either way, the IIID foundation palette is where everyone starts. I like the option to customize (no one's gonna tell me what to do!) but there are preselected palettes that are already put together for you.

Another thing that really sets Maskcara Beauty apart, is the aforementioned 30 Second HAC brush. This little guy is EVERYTHING. It was specifically designed for the IIID palette, so the entire system is really ACCESSIBLE! You don't have have to be makeup genius to use the brush, you just follow the shape of your face! Not to mention, ONE brush is often $35-40, since the 30 Second HAC brush (And all the Maskcara brushes actually) are double-ended you get way more bang for your buck, and they are really thick and high quality. Coming from someone who has used mostly Target dupes ($10.99 for know), I can't even tell you what an upgrade this brush is.

Lastly, the IIID Perfector may look like Beauty Blender dupe, but I have to be perfectly honest... I like it better. I know, I know, I'm supposed to say that, but in all seriousness, I love this little blue egg. The Beauty Blender blasted onto the scene and really changed the way people did their makeup. The dupes were... okay. I really like the beauty blender, but I found it difficult to clean, so I ended up throwing it away and not wanting to spend another $22, so I bought the Target brand version and it felt like I was blending my makeup with a pumice stone, it was so hard and scratchy, no thanks. The IIID perfector is freaking awesome, becuase it's actually SOFTER and Squishier than the Beauty Blender, it feels like I'm blend my makeup with a little cloud, it's way easier to wash out, and it's CHEAPER ($13.50!)

I think I've mentioned this before, always make sure you're putting your makeup on a clean/moisturized/exfoliated face. I actually have pretty sensitive skin, so I exfoliate   I also use a primer (Maybeline Baby Face Pore Eraser) and a setting spray (Maybeline, because I'm NOT born with it ...perfect skin or tons of money). I used these even before I used Maskcara. They just help keep everything in place. It's hot in Bakersfield, and it's hot under stage-lights.

So there you go everyone! That's what I use! Hopefully this was helpful for you. If you want more information on Maskcara Beauty, you can always contact me through email, or you can visit my Maskcara Artist Page by clicking in the top left corner!


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