Morning Coffee: Changing my Career at 30

Many of you probably know that before I was a worship pastor I was a high school teacher. I taught at Vacaville Christian Schools for four years. I was hired 6 weeks after graduation. In those four years I taught Sophomore Bible (more affectionately known as Bible 10), directed the high school and middle school choir, ran the high school and middle school chapel program, and for a short while I taught drama (enter wide-eyed and overwhelmed emoji). I can confidently say, I was a good teacher. I loved my subject matter, and I loved and understood my students (I am product of Christian schooling, so that really helped). I had no reason to leave, and I really miss it.
The only and major downside; I was never home and Nate was always gone with Kutless. I left the house before he woke up and by the time I would get home, I was so exhausted I didn't have much margin for anything else. I was operating at max-capacity all the time. Without even knowing it, Nate and I were drifting. Something had to change. 
Parrish The Thought
In 2015 Nate and I released an EP , and lead worship at a conference together, and loved working together so much that we decided to take a major leap of faith and pursue music together full-time as worship pastors. 
Of course, that's the short version of how and why we uprooted our entire life and moved, but here's what I learned from the experience. Maybe for those of your who are wondering if you need to make a change in your life, these things will help.
  1. Following your dreams is worth the sacrifice. Chances are, if you're a creative, and you're deciding to move away from an office job with full benefits, you'll be making significantly less. Nate and I have the luxury of not needing to cover children with healthcare, so that wasn't a consideration. But we also don't have cable, and we didn't have the internet for the first 5 years of our marriage (Which actually was very doable, and really nice).Parrish The Thought
  2. Obedience is the greatest peace of mind. When you walk in obedience, you can also be sure that He has already orchestrated everything and He goes before you. Your circumstances may be difficult or even seem impossible to get out of, but God is never surprised. It really is crazy how the three of things really do go hand in hand. Nate and I have walked through some very very difficult times because of the vocations we have chosen, but we remind ourselves that we are doing what we love, we have each other, and God will honor our obedience (many times in ways we don't see coming or understand)
  3. Relationships are everything. Especially your marriage. If your marriage is suffering because of your job, pray about what God might want you to change. (disclaimer: I'm not a marriage counselor by any stretch, but working for the good of your marriage is always a good move). Parrish The Thought

So, here we are at Hingepoint in Bakersfield, CA. I'd love to hear what you think, or if you have any questions. Nate and I are a constant work in progress in all aspects of our life together, so we're not experts, but we're making it work, and maybe we can help you too!