Morning Coffee: Desperately Seeking Space

Hey everyone!
If you have followed me on any form of social media for any amount of time, you may have noticed that I have a thing for coffee shops (Whip whoop, just like every other basic white girl). There is one coffee shop in particular, and I go just about every day. I've cultivated relationships with the baristas and other regulars. My insta account is filled with it. Nathan and I go on afternoon walking dates here, and have Saturday morning brunch dates. This is our place, and it is Cafe Smitten, or as I lovingly call it, "Smitts".

I get a lot of grief for being so gung ho, and while I do think the coffee is the best in Bakersfield (by a mile), It's actually not because of my coffee snobbery that I am so enthusiastic. If I wanted the perfect cup of coffee, I would just drink what I have at home (which really is my favorite coffee actually). I need creative space. I COULD read, write, or jam away on my planner at home but it's not the same, the product isn't the same. Even holding meetings at Smitts is more productive. 
I think it's because I'm not the only person there working on their creative projects. There are other people sharing their vision with their team. There are writers and networkers. There are people reading and researching. Cafe Smitten is a creative vision that has come to fruition, and it's beautiful (literally... you should see how perfect every single detail is). I think people want to be a part that atmosphere, and they want it for their own projects.
It's more than just a cute place where you come to take trendy instas. When we lived in Napa, we had Journey. When we lived in Roseville there was Shady. When we moved here, there was nothing. There was Starbucks...not the same. At all. We lived in a studio with no room or escape from... anything. It was so sad. I had no space to read or write, Nate had no place to play or practice. We had no creative space and it really was soul-sucking, so when Cafe Smitten opened it was kind of a big deal. It was like an answer to prayer I didn't realize I was praying. I now had a place where I could have my own creative space.
Is that you? Have you ever found yourself in a weird lack of inspiration, no motivation creative slump? Maybe take a look at your surroundings. Have you made time or space? Do you have people around you that are inspired? Maybe finding, or even making a creative space is a step in the right direction for you. For me it was everything. 
Let me know! What do you think? How important is having your own creative space? Does it even matter to you? I'd love to hear your feedback