Morning Coffee: What is fueling your fire? How are you coping with stress?

Hey everyone Happy Friday!

I hope this week has treated you well. Last weekend I went and visited the beautiful town of Ventura. Just me and my Harry Potter Audio book driving over the grapevine together on our way to visit one of my former students. On so many levels it was a very illuminating and uplifting trip. I cried a lot. I cried tears of happiness and of sadness...and I blame general.
I've been a people person as long as I can remember. I LOVE people. They're so interesting! I love knowing about their lives, I wanna know their thoughts and feelings on all the things. I love watching people find their passions and pursue their dreams. Most of all, I love when the light bulb turns on and they "yes" to the Lord. It's just so exciting. The flip side of loving people however, can be overwhelmingly heart breaking. Wanting people to find their passions and pursue their dreams, and aching for them to say "yes" to Jesus, but the world keeps getting in the way.

Stress is a crazy thing, it reveals a lot about us as people. It shows us our idols and dependencies. It shows us where we're actually putting our faith. I remember VIVIDLY one day having a tough day at work, and immediately driving to Crossroads (my favorite second hand store). I shopped my cares away, and then when I got home I had one more thing to worry about... my bank account. A lot of good that did me. Even now this is an area of weakness for me. When I stress, I shop. When I'm sad, I shop. When I'm happy, I shop. I'm bored, I shop. I'm lonely, I shop. All the emotions...all the shopping. My thing's shopping, comforting myself with stuff. What's your thing? Shopping, Alcohol, Sex, Netflix... All of the above? What are you placing your trust in, that should be going to the Lord?

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on the Lord, for He cares for you.

My precious student told me that until fairly recently, her impression of God was that He was mad. She thought that God was mad at her! She messed up, He got mad. It occurred to me that most of my students thought that, and it overwhelmed me to tears.  Is this you?! Do you think God is mad? Do you think God is "over you" and so he doesn't care anymore? Let me tell you, friends... this isn't the case. God doesn't even get mad when you're mad at Him! He can handle it!

What it stressing you out? Tell Jesus. How are you coping with it? Confess it to Jesus. He is faithful to forgive. Oppression and doubt are the fruit of temptation and fear. FREEDOM is on the other side of confession and forgiveness. Jesus cares for you, He died for you! I could go on about this subject and the theology of freedom in Christ and His forgiveness forever, but I won't. I know "putting your faith in Jesus" and "giving it God" sound trite, and if you're like me you've even thought "I don't even know what that means". Sometimes it just looks like being mad at God and letting him know. Sometimes it look like venting to the Lord through frustrated or sad tears. God can take it...He wants to!

What are you thoughts on this? Let me know! I'd love hear your feedback!! Bye guys!