What I Wear: No Longer 21

A lot about life has changed since I turned 30. I decided to change my career, and move 5 hours away. I didn’t realize that it would affect the way I think about my personal style. I thought I would just continue in my kooky ways just wear whatever I want, which to some extent is still true of me, but I was surprised to find myself in a lot more conflict.

First things first: “Why do I care so much about this?” First world probs. You’re right. I’m aware of this. Let’s move on. I’m not 21 and 110 lbs, I’m 31 and 155 lbs. Ironic mom stuff isn’t ironic anymore it’s just actually mom-ish. The shopping in Bakersfield CA isn’t anything to write home about (in fact, it’s awful).  And did I that I’m on stage in front of 400 people every single week? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO (or wear)?

I’ve found a uniform of sorts. We all know those “31 pieces every girl must own” diagrams on Pinterest. They are the worst! Friends, if I EVER wear a pair of wide leg black dress pants and a white button down, it may be the actual end of the world. Not because that outfit is ugly necessarily, but it's not me. It's just soooo basic, and it’s probably not you either.

My Style Icons:
Stevie Nicks
70’s Cher
Alexa Chung
Zooey Deschanel (Duh...everyone loves Zooey)

So what that means for me:
Bell Sleeves
Band Tees
High Waist everything
Vintage Skirts and Dresses

Color Scheme: Black, White, Grey, Blue, Burgundy, Army Green.

These are the things that work for me. What I’ve decided to say “No” to:

Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters jeans and dresses. I’m 31...Not 21. These cheapy things don’t work for my grown-up lady-body anymore. Target. Anything. I need to see the human body that Target perfectly fits. It’s not mine.

I guess the fun part in all of this, is that it's constantly evolving, and changing, and the only rules are: There are no rules! I guess I just laid out some rules, but I really can adjust them when I need to. This keeps my closet from getting out of control, and it lessens my 5:30am brain-fog stress when I'm trying to get ready for church. What about you? What have you found that works for you?


  1. I love this, Rachel! I totally agree with you, rules schmools! My "style goal" this year has been to just have fun/enjoy with what I wear! Instead of worrying if I'm fitting into some style archetype (boho, preppy, etc) haha. I love Alexa Chung's style too, she's so cool!! As are you Xoxo I love that you are writing more, hooray!


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