What I Wear: Weird Fall Transition Clothes, Sweet and Scary (also my love for Metallica)

Hey Everyone!

Happy late September to you! Hope this Wednesday is finding you well, and that your week isn't too crazy. If you're from the central valley, you know the tease that is early Fall. Especially here in good ol' Bakersfield, we're just now getting temps in the 70's and if you've lived here longer than 6 months, you'll know that 75 degrees here is sweater weather. Nate and I moved here from the Napa Valley where we got fog in the morning and highs of 80 in July... don't let me think about that. I really miss that Napa weather. ANYhoosiers! We've acclimated to this crazy triple digit  weather (43 days in a row of over 100 degrees) and now when it gets to be less than 75...we're cold.
The crazy thing about the Fall transition here is that it's an absolute guessing game. We'll get a day of 74, and then the next day it's 95! As you can imagine, that makes it very tough to put an outfit together. Do I need a sweater? Can I wear boots? Will I sweat my brains out because I decided to wear a flannel? The struggle!

So what do we do? 

Skirts and Cardigans and Sandals. That is my current go to. Light layers y'all, light layers. I know it sounds so silly, but you have to be able to put on and take off. I'm not a shorts girl, I've always hated them, so skirts are my go to. So when it's chilly, get this.... I wear a slip! Yep, that's right an old granny slip, and it actually does give a little extra warmth. Even with this outfit I'm wearing in this picture, I'm wearing a slip (also, slips help with static cling... that one's for free.)
Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the juxtaposition of sweet and scary, dusty rose and mint green and my scariest band shirt. (I know, as band shirts go, this isn't even that scary, and for those of you who are wondering if I actually like Metallica, I really really do. I just think they're the best... I even tried to do "Nothing Else Matters" with my high school choir but it got shot down...we did Africa by Toto instead).  I don't normally wear my Metallica shirt for piano lessons, but one morning I wasn't thinking and I wore this shirt to lesson, and sweet hilarious little Lucas took one look at this shirt and said "Oh my gosh, that shirt is so scary." Whoops! Anyways this is one of my favorite shirts and I honestly try to wear it with everything. The only place I for sure will never wear it is probably on stage on a Sunday morning. Sunday morning style... that post is coming soon enough.

Well everyone! Thank you thank you thank you guys for stopping by! What do you do in this weird transition time? Let me know! See you guys soon! Bye!