Maskcara Monday: The Color Matching Quiz. How to figure it out!

Hello there everyone! Hope this weekend treated you well! Nate was in New York and New Jersey with Kutless, so that left me with just one option... better have a Maskcara party! So fun!

Anyways! I don't know about you, but unless I've purchased make up in person and have already tried it out, I'm probably not going to buy makeup online. Today, I wanna make that process a little less daunting, so if you wanna try out Maskcara, but you don't want to show up to a party, you can figure out where to begin. 
How to take the quiz: Keep track of your answers, that's all! There only 8 super easy questions.

1)What color are you eyes?
     a)Blue, Green, Grey, Hazel with blue
     b)Brown, Amber, Hazel with Gold 

2)What color is your hair?
     a)Ashy Blonde, light brown, Grey, Black
     b)Auburn, Red, Golden Blonde, Golden Brown 

3)When you look at the veins in your wrist, what color are they?
     a)Blue, Purple

4)Do you burn or tan when you stand out in the sun

5)Which kind of jewelry brings out that natural inner glow?

6)What colors bring out your natural radiance?
     a)Black and White
     b)Brown and Tan

7)What colors do you naturally gravitate towards?
     a)Blue, Purple, Turquoise
     b)Red, Yellow, Orange

8) When you look in the mirror with no make-up what kind of undertones do you find?
     a)pink, purple, bluish
     b)yellow, green,

Mostly A's
You have a cooler tone! This means blues, greens, and purples are your jam, all those beautiful turquoise-y colors from Frozen, make you into an icy dream! Also, cooler make up shades work for you! Click Here to see what palette works for you!

Mostly B's
You have a warmer tone! This means Mustard, Rust, and Pumpkin-y tones (those fall tones, that make me just look jaundiced that I wish I could wear) and warmer make up shades are perfect for you! Click here to see what palette works for you!
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