Maskcara... Wednesday?

Good morning everybody! Happy Monday to you. Did anyone else have the craziest weekend ever? There's just a lot going on in mine and Nate's ministry right now which is super exciting, and when I get the greenlight I'll tell you guys all about it!  With that being said, Parrish The Thought has slowed down a little, but when life starts to look normal, so will PTT. ANYWAYS! That's not what I want to talk about, let's talk about makeup!!

Friday I got the opportunity to drive down to  Downtown LA and be a part of a training video and meet and greet! It was so crazy! Cara (the company founder) got on Facebook live, announced the event two days before, I texted my girlfriend who is also an artist, and she texted another girl on our team, and off we went! It was one of those things we just knew we had to go to and be a part of, so we just made it work to get there at 1pm on a Friday.

Instead of giving you a play by play of how it all went down, I'm gonna share with you the major things I took away.

Our fantastic team of girls with Cara herself! She couldn't have been any more sweet
  1. EVERY woman can be part of Maskcara in some way, and I mean that on many levels. Women from every background, ethnicity, family structure, you name it. So many different women were represented at this event, and it was so awesome. In many ways, it really evened the playing field. There is something for everyone, and you don't have to be a stay at home mom wanting to make this your full time job for this company to work for you! I'm not a stay at home anything! I'm just a Worship Pastor who joined for fun... and I'm having the time of my life

  2. The Rules are: There are no rules. Okay that's hyperbole of course, but seriously, you do what works. I think that's what makes it do easy and fun, You have so much room to play around. Cara showed us how she does the 5 minute make over, and I couldn't believe how much I learned!! Get ready everyone, so many tutorials coming your way. ALSO: the Detail HAC brush has changed my life forever. I'll never contour the same way again... like I said, New 5-Minute face video coming soon. Thats the other crazy thing... I just changed the technique, not my routine! It still takes me 5 minutes to do my makeup!
  3. Community, Community, Community. I know I go on and on about the community of women that are a part of Maskcara but I can't emphasize enough wonderful everyone was.Of course there were major beauty influencers there, but guess what... THEY'RE NORMAL!! They were so sweet and funny, and had babies strapped to them, and were wearing Forever 21! Gosh, it was just the best. I sat by a gal who had just gotten her artist kit in the mail and and had only done three makeovers, and on her other side was a woman who does it full time and has a nationwide team. There was no competitive spirit to be found. We were all there to learn and cheer one another on. Which leaves me with my last point:
  4. Bringing beauty to the world has nothing to do with makeup. Our founder has said "Maskcara doesn't exist to make an ugly thing beautiful, it's mean to magnify the beauty that already exists" There is an inner glow that really comes to life when women see how beautiful they already are. AND because there is so much impact with so little effort, I think it just drives home that women don't need to change the way they look or take a ton of time with makeup (unless they want to, and that's cool too). The name of the game is simplicity, and actually helping women find that inner glow of confidence, and giving them the tools to feel like their most beautiful selves.  There is nothing like watching a woman look in the mirror and love what she sees. Even thinking about it, I get emotional. There's something about seeing people loving themselves, and then going and loving others that just really fuels my fire. 
The gal to my side is Kat Fairchild, a major player in the beauty world, and beauty blogging and Maskcara. She's a serious mom boss, and she's just as sweet as she is beautiful.
So yeah!! There you go! That's what I took away from our very spontaneous trip! It really solidified for me why I love being a part of Maskcara. It was seriously the best.