Morning Coffee: Led By The Light

Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday! I am so thankful for this weekend. I'm not doing anything today! Well, I'll probably run to Target and grocery shop a little, but, the sentiment is that I feel very low-pressure today.

Anyways, yesterday Nate and I released our music project! Yep, that's right, ANOTHER side hustle. But not really, Music is my actual normal hustle (that's a thing, right?). I always just assume people that I meet know that I'm a full time musician, but how on earth would they even know that? So if you're brand new to the PTT world, Maskcara is not my full time gig (even though sometimes it may look that way, I really just do it for fun), Worship music is! Nate and I are songwriters and worship pastors!

Our latest release is called "Led By the Light". When we were writing it I had no idea what the Lord was doing in our life. It was Christmastime 2015, and we were in the midst of one of our biggest challenges yet. Kutless was supposed to have a 6-week/24-date long tour going from early September until right around Thanksgiving. The tour lasted for 4 dates, and Nate was home in a week, and didn't play a show again for 6 months. If you didn't know, Napa CA is one of the most expensive places in the country you can live. One private school teacher's salary doesn't really make ends meet, and paying bills with your credit card freaking sucks. There was short period of time where Nate was pretty depressed, and I didn't know what version of Nate I was coming home to. It took a small toll on our marriage. We had to really rely on the Lord and take turns navigating our melt downs. Oh yeah, and I still had to maintain my classroom, and my responsibilities at school. It was a hard time.

Once again we found ourselves in a situation where our prayers (well, mine at least) sounded like "WHAT. THE. HECK! Lord, we are serving you! Why is this happening! Nate works so hard, I work so hard. I know you're up to something... but for the love... clue us in!"  Hingepoint and Bakersfield were no where on our horizon... yet. We had no idea what was coming, or when/if this season was going to end. Our ONLY option was to trust the Lord, and be okay with the fact that knowing Jesus was our greatest treasure. As long as I have Jesus, and I'm walking beside Nate, I have everything I need.

That's where this song came from. That's where these lyrics came from. A place of declaration to the Lord and to ourselves "Jesus, we trust you, we're with you. No matter what."

Isn't that where our hearts have to be all the time? That's our story, sure, but when we take a step back and look at the big picture that God is painting, this is the perspective we have to keep. Our hope really is in Christ alone. We watch the news and read social media, it's easy to be discouraged and lose hope. But remember this place is not our home. Our home is with Jesus, and bringing people with us is our mission. So fellow saints, remember the cross before, the world behind.

Led By The Light
By Nathan and Rachel Parrish

Steep is the climb and dim is the light, 
the cross before, the world behind
Though narrow the road, still I don’t walk alone
The cross before, the world behind

Led by the light, where faith and sight collide
On through the night, the cross before, the world behind

If the well should run dry, I will drink from the sky
The cross before, the world behind
Thought the way is unknown, where you lead I will go
The cross before, the world behind

Led by the light, where faith and sigh collide
On through the night, the cross before, the world behind

Steadfast, stay true
Stay close, see me through