Maskcara Monday: Let's Get Down To Business

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday to you! Today isn't really about makeup or techniques really, as much as it is about the business side of Maskcara.

Why being a maskcara artist rules:

Maskcara has completely redefined the entire makeup routine.  Since I believe makeup should enhance a beautiful face and not cover it up, I love the different approach that Maskcara takes. I STRONGLY believe that women are more beautiful (inside and out) than they give themselves credit for. . If you're even remotely curious about the ins and outs of the company this is a great place to start.

STARTING OUT- When you have decided to become and artist for Maskcara Beauty, you will sign up and choose your kit HERE, at their "become an artist" page.  There are two kits to choose from that have everything you’ll need to get started right away with color-matching people with the makeup.  The kits are very affordable ranging from $199-$399, and then 11.99 a month so they can take care of your administrative webiste called a back office. That’s it.  That is the only fee you’ll pay up front to get started. The price is such a low starting point compared to a lot of other companies, and that pays for literally everything you need. I started with the basic kit, and I have had no problem getting my little business of the ground. In fact, I ranked up in a month! You are set up for success with either kit. Not to mention the crazy value of the kit. The basic kit is valued at $450, and the pro kit is valued at $850! 
Basic Kit

Pro Kit

FREEDOM- I know that in other MLM's you need to make minimum sales so you may be wondering if there is a minimum sales requirement every month to maintain your artist status and the answer is NO. If you're feeling like you need to step back, you can, and you dont have to worry be being penalized for it. This is one of the many reasons people love being in this company because they don’t feel pressure to have to sell every month. This is awesome for stay at home moms when you feel like you need more face time with your babies, or for college girls during mid-term season, or if you're already a full-time working woman and work is demanding a little more that season.  If you want to become an artist just for your 20% discount as an artist and only sell to family, then that’s just fine.  On the flip side, if you want to become an artist and sell lots of makeup each month, build a team, hit ranks; and grow a beauty-fueled, woman-empowering empire, then that’s just fine too!  You can tailor it to however much work you’d like to put into it.  That said, when you start building a team and having a downline, there is a small amount you must sell every month in order to earn downline commissions ( if you can do nothing and make money solely off your team, then that IS a pyramid scheme, and I'm not about that, which is also great about this business, everyone has to put in their fair share), but I think you’ll find that those minimums are very easy to achieve. I joined "just for fun" kind of on a leap of faith, and it actually has been surprisingly easy!

THE INVENTORY (or lack thereof)- You don't need to keep any stock in your house at all. Period. In fact, it is recommended that you don't. You get your kit so that you can give make overs and show people the product in person, but your customers will buy their stuff online and then it will be delivered to their house (and trust me... you're gonna want your customers to get that beautiful package in the mail, it's like Christmas for me when I get mine). This is perfect gals who live in a college dorm, or if you live in an apartment like I do, if you live in a house with tons of littles, it's small enough so that when you don't have your kit out, you can just hide it away. The fact that you can have as much or as little as your want is everything.

THE MONEY- Okay, so here's the money part. The base commissions are awesome.  You will make 20% commission on your sales and depending on how much you sell can make up to 40% base + bonuses.  On your downline (your team that you build) you will make 2%-12%+infinite commissions.  Oh, and something really cool is that everything you personally buy for yourself counts towards your monthly sales volume!  Also, I didn’t mention this before, but the kit you buy also counts towards your sales volume! I get asked how much I make all the time. There are girls who make more than $1000 monthly on my team, because they do it full time, and have an extensive downline. I DON'T do it full time, and it's not a goal of mine, so I make as much as a part time job would make.
THE LOYALTY- Maskcara has made it so that all your work on earning customers won’t be forgotten.  Once a customer buys makeup under you they will be your customer for life; yes, for life!  Loyalty is very important to us.  Each time that customer logs in to reorder or order something new, the system will recognize that its your customer and you will get the commission!  Isn’t that awesome?  Plus, the fact that they can just get online and order themselves is awesome all by itself. Every now and then I'll just wake up to a massive order, it doesn't happen often, but when it does, it rules.

THE COMMUNITY- Something I’ve really admired about this company is that Cara, the creator, is very hands-on. She offers training videos, live webinars, has a Facebook group just for artists and is very active in that group.  I love the passion she has, not only for the company, but also for each and every artist. I actually have had the pleasure of meeting her in person, and she really was a delight. AND Speaking of passion, once you join you will become a part of an amazing tribe of women who are all passionate about helping other women feel confident and beautiful.  The community of artists are so encouraging and helpful to one another. There really is no shortage of support. As a person in leadership I strongly believe that the success of others isn't a threat to your own success, it's a strength. When your cheer one another on, its encourages everyone to be better! I LOVE the community that comes with being a part of Maskcara. I've said this before, but I have met so many women that I would not have met otherwise, and as a woman in ministry, that is also a major win. SO MANY MAJOR WINS!