Morning Coffee: Surviving Christmas

Silent night, Holy smokes! Or if you're feeling like me, maybe the first "s" word that comes to your mind isn't smokes (You AWFUL people, I was thinking Santa!). Just kidding everyone! But for reals, let's see a show of hands... Who is a little overwhelmed by the holiday season already? (Insert hand raiding emoji girl here).

I love Christmas. I love the cold, I love hot chocolate, I love seeing family, I love the music. I love it! Part of the reason I'm so adamant about not putting up a tree or lights or decorations, is because I don't want to hate it! I don't want to get tired of Christmas! It's so easy to get distracted and get stressed out. Our to-do lists get longer and longer, our schedules get busier and busier, and before you know you it, it's 11pm, and you have to go to bed! I don't know about you but that sounds stressful, and if that were to be anyone's reality from Black Friday to Christmas Day... That would make anyone hate the Holidays!

Now I get it, there are things you cannot avoid. Christmas parties at work, Family Christmas Traditions, Seeing Santa, Family Photos, The Singing Christmas Tree, Christmas Pageants, Recitals, concerts... The list goes ON. AND ON. Is there a way to survive? I think so. In fact, I think we can even really take it all in and love it. Here's a few things to try this Holiday season! 

1) Don't neglect the gym
Make sure you hit up the gym or exercise at least 30-minutes a day. Working out raises your endorphin levels, keeps your energy up, and gives you clarity of mind. Not to mention, you won't feel quite as guilty for eating all those Christmas cookies! Or, keep reading, you can also do this:

2) Throw gifted sweets away...right away.
I have a major confession. When I was was high school teacher, I would receive mountains and mountains of Christmas cookies as gifts. I would eat one in front of my students, so I could tell them how delicious they were and how sweet the thought was (and I was sincere!), then I would place the place them on the stack of cookie plates on my desk. If students came to see me after class or through out the day, then I would give them one (giving me cool teacher points). Once everyone went home, I swept my arm across my desk, and all the cookies went into the trash, and no one was the wiser. Candy. Cookies. Doughnuts. All in the trash. I did it, (lots of teachers do) and so can you. 

3) Wash your face and Stretch before you get into bed.
Even if you're exhausted, take that 30 minutes to wash your face and stretch. Making my skincare regimen a priority at night time before bed serves more than one purpose: it makes me feel like I'm washing my day away, and my skin is glowing in the morning! Win/Win! Stretching does the same thing. Stretching releases all that lactic acid build-up that comes from trying to the run the universe. It's good for the body, and while your stretching, it gives you a little time to reflect and take time to be grateful. This is great therapy right before bed!

4) Wear Pajamas. Real ones.
I don't know why our brains work the way they do (science). But there is something about putting on actual pajamas, not sweats or leggings, but pajamas, that tells our brain that it's time to shut down. In combination with a clean face, and a stretching routine... I'm telling you!

5) Don't neglect your Bible.
Reading your Bible really keeps life in perspective. Jesus has a way of doing that doesn't He. Even if you're not reading, maybe you're listening to it. Just don't let it take a backseat. Remind yourself of why this Holiday season even exists. The birth of Jesus! The dawn of redeeming grace. Christmas is the story of salvation!  The most recent Jesus Culture release, Love Has a Name just says it so perfectly. Love has a name, Hope has a name, Joy has a name, victory has a name, and that name is Jesus! Let this give you joy this Christmas season! Let HIM lead this Holiday season, and only will you "survive" Christmas, but it will propel you into the next year.

So there you go. Five things you can do to help you survive! If I could give you one last suggestion: give yourself grace. If you have an especially rough day and your wolf down an entire pie by yourself in tears... let me be the first to say "We've ALL been there." I am praying for you sisters. Christmastime is here, and it's going to be great! See you guys soon!