Weekend Update: The Maskcara Holiday Shopping Weekend Deals and Gift Guide

Happy holidays y'all!! I can't tell you how many times I've heard: "Rachel, I want to get my [Wife, Niece, Daughter, Mom, you name her] Maskcara but I don't know what to get her"  Well, hopefully this gift guide will help. It may seem like a product that is so customizable would be really difficult to gift someone, but it's actually not at all! In fact, because it's so fitted to the individual, that makes it really thoughtful! If you've heard your favorite gal complain about her make up, then you've found the right place. We'll go from left to right :)

1) The HAC Starter Kit (The HAC palette , the 30-Sec HAC, and the IIID Perfector) $96 This is your whole face in one little palette, and is a great place to start. If you don't know what colors to buy, that's why I'm here. Find a picture of your girl in NATURAL light, and NO FILTER. I'll be able to color match her, and get you started!

2) Stay SPF Setting Spray $29 This is one of my favorite products. Sun protection is a major priority of mine when it comes to skin care. I'm very fair and I live in Bakersfield, where it is sunny allllll year. The stay spray helps keep your face looking fresh all day and helps it not to transfer, while offering sun protection. It also smells like a tropical dream vacation.

3) The Brush Collection $148 The Maskcara brushes are so super pretty, and their packaging is so beautiful, if I found a stocking full of these I would probably start to cry. They are very high quality, and because they are double ended, you are essentially buying 12 brushes for the price of 6. Not to mention the space saved (my favorite part). The brush collection now through Christmas comes with a free Restore brush cleaning spray, a free IIID Perfector, and super cute little lapel pin. This would normally cost $224, but for the holidays, we're doing a special deal!

4) Tres Leches Skincare Set $95 I don't know a single woman who doesn't love high quality skincare. Even if your gal doesn't wear make up, she probably does love skincare. Our Tres Leches set comes with our MILK Cleanser, MILK Toner, and MILK Moisturizer (Tres... get it?). If your gal complains about redness, or acne, or other discoloration, the high quality ingredients in our skin care will take care of that. If you would like a list of the ingredients and what they do, I have that for you.

5) The Maskcara Clutch $115 This is the big thing on my Christmas list. Seriously though, look how cute this is!!! The Rose gold, the leather, the heavy duty zipper... yes please! This is a fully functioning purse, with room for your phone, your BRUSHES, your cards and cash, your keys, and you entire face of makeup without a bulky or crowded makeup bag. Not to mention the fact that if you go out of town for any reason, this takes the guess work and the worry about forgetting anything at home, or even worse, in your hotel when you come back. AND if you give this as a gift all filled up... you'll be the winner of Christmas for rest of time (I'm talkin' to you Nate).


I know you're all thinking "Cool Rachel, get to the deals!" Well, Here they are! These are pretty self explanitory, but I'll do a little explaining. Except for the big palette , and the brushes, these deals are ONLY AVAILABLE from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, and will only last as long as supplies last. So once they are out, the deal is over. When they restock, they will go back up to their normal price (Which is still not bad, but if you can save a buck during the holiday season, why wouldn't you?) SO! What that means is this: Go on over to the Maskcara website and make a customer profile so you can jump on right when the sale starts. For us west coasters, we get a little bit of an advantage, they drop at Midnight Eastern time, so we get a little jump by being up at 9pm.

Okay, so what's in the big palette? Here it is: Hold on to your hats! If you've already been color matched you can just put the whole thing in your cart with one click. If you need a color match, I can do that, otherwise, all the heavy lifting is done for you! You better believe I'll have a reminder on my phone so I can get mine, not to mention that PERFECT dream catcher compact!

The Holiday Capsule

6 cream foundations, 2 powders and 8 eye shadows in an exclusive Holiday Mini Double Decker along with a 30 sec HAC brush and an I Shadow Everything Brush!!! This is a must for almost anyone on your shopping list!
Available on Black Friday 12:00am EST through Christmas
*While supplies last*
No Substitutions

6 cream foundations available in 11 color choices:
-Moonlit- Moonlit, Aura, Walnut, Ever Red, Pink Grapefruit, Pearl
-White Peach- White Peach, Moonlit, Walnut, Ever Red, Pink Grapefruit, Pearl
-Aura- Aura, White Peach, Walnut, Ever Red, Pink Grapefruit, Pearl
-Sunlit- Sunlit, White Peach, Olive, Ever Red, Pink Grapefruit, Pearl
-June- June, White Peach, Olive, Ever Red, Pink Grapefruit, Pearl
-Amber- Amber, Aura, Olive, Ever Red, Pink Grapefruit, Honey 
-Wheat- Wheat, Amber, Olive, Ever Red, Black Cherry, Rose Gold
-Mango- Mango, Wheat, Indigo, Ever Red, Black Cherry, Rose Gold
-Goddess- Goddess, Mango, Indigo, Ever Red, Black Cherry, Rose Gold
-Papaya- Papaya, Goddess, Indigo, Ever Red, Black Cherry, Rose Gold
-Cinnamon- Cinnamon, Papaya, Indigo, Ever Red, Black Cherry, Rose Gold

8 Eyeshadows:
Stay Golden
On Wednesdays
Emerald City

2 powders:
Cayman Bronzer
Vanilla Dust Setting Powder

30 Sec HAC Brush
I Shadow Everything Brush
WHEW!!!! Did you make it? Lots of info! If you have questions, you know where to find me! If you need to shop around, you can click through on any photo, or you can just go on over to www.maskcarabeauty.com/rachelparish! If you need to be color matched please email a selfie with no filter in natural light to ParrishTheThoughtBlog@gmail.com. You can also click on the menu at the top to find me on Facebook and Insta and you can contact me there as well!!! Happy Shopping everyone! Keep your eyes peeled for a post on how to keep your peace for the Holiday season, because I'm already feeling like I need it! See you guys soon!