Maskcara Monday- I Just Want Free Makeup, It's GIVEAWAY time!

Good morning everyone! Can you believe it's December? Didn't I already just say that about October and November? WOW. So insane. I'll say this thought, I am so excited it's holiday season. I've already posted about Christmas shopping, and how to survive the holidays, and how I'm in full on Christmas mode. Out House is decorated, we're scheduling Christmas songs in our worship sets at church, and we're gearing up for our super fun Christmas Eve service at the Fox Theater in Bakersfield. Christmas time is here, and while this is the season of giving (and I FIRMLY believe that). It's also a little bit the season of Treat...yoself.

I posted about the business side of Maskcara a few weeks ago (you can read that here), but a lot of the response I got was, "I don't really want to be an artist, I just want to get free makeup". So I was thinking about how I could make this a reality for folks who really don't want to do the whole Artist thing, but want to be rewarded for their own purchases, and for the purchases of their friends that they refer.

ENTER: The Referral Program! AHHHH! If you have already purchased from me, you've entered a party number. That party number tracks sales and accrues credit towards my own Maskcara purchase. At the end of the month (or sooner based on how impatient I am) I use all my credit and get tons of fun stuff! Then I thought: why not you? You can use your own party number for your own referals! No actual in-home parties or Facebook parties (unless you want to, then of course I'm totally down),  just my artist ID or contact, and your referral party number! Then I do all the work.

SO.... what do you need to do? Email me, DM me either on Insta or FB and I'll get you started! It's as easy as that! Free make-up coming your way! AND for everyone that signs up for the referral program, you'll be entered to win the limited edition Holiday Mini-DD compact (unfilled)! For extra entries, go find the post of the photo below and tag a friend you think would love Maskcara, and for every $25 you spend, you get an extra entry as well! We'll announce the winner on Christmas Eve!

Yay! You guys, I'm so excited!


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