Morning Coffee: How Luna Lovegood, a Lion, and Lysa TerKeurst Spoke Into My Life

So, I'm not gonna get on here and say that I'm some major reader or book reviewer or whatever (clearly), but but I really want to share this book with you, and why I really loved it.

I'm coming out of a bad season. Let's not sugar-coat anything here, it wasn't hard, or difficult, or taxing, or some other more christian-y sounding word. It was all those things yes, but straight up... it was bad. I'll share that with you in more detail soon enough, processing my thoughts and trying to organize them on digital paper has proven really tough. One thing I can share right away, however, is a book that REALLY helped put my feelings and thoughts into words. 

That book being Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely, by Lysa TerKeurst.  Kindof a sad title right? I bought it because I love all of Lysa TerKeurst's writing. I didn't necessarily feel that way at the time that I did buy it, but I had felt that way before, and the cover is so cute... blah blah blah. Not great reasons to buy a book, but hey (!), that's just who I am!

Well let me tell you this. This book was written for me in this season, and I want to share this with you because it might also be written for you too. NOW: before I go on, this is not meant for you to feel sorry for me and then guilt you into thinking you need to come up and hug me and hold my hand and tell me how much you love me, in fact that will just make me very uncomfortable. The reason is this: I know people love me. In the most humble way I say that. I know you love me. But in the midst of this bad season, the enemy found a way to creep in, dig out lies that I had seeded deep down in my heart and just started watering away. Slowly but surely they grew and grew to the point where I looked around, and these very tall weeds of lies were all that I could see. It's the slowly but surely part that made this season so scary. I didn't even notice that I made busyness my excuse to keep going and not process, and isolation my major defense mechanism. I withdrew from my community majorly (and also ate my feelings in a major way and gained 20 lbs...but more on that later as well).
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It wasn't until a sweet friend prophetically spoke into my life and a pretty major meltdown with my pastor in a planning meeting that I was able to articulate the lies that I had begun to believe and live out. I'll share those lies later, because maybe you're believing them too, but this is a book review remember?

Lysa TerKeurst speaks the truth of Jesus into the heart of all of those kinds of lies. She speaks Jesus' healing power into the pain and lingering damage that rejection can cause without us even knowing it. The hard part is, you have to be honest and allow yourself to feel alllllll of it. BUT here's where the book is so practical and where it helped me the most. It gave me tools so I could pray about it. It gave me the words that I was looking for but couldn't find. Kind of like when I hear a new worship song that I love. It gives me the expression I needed, but couldn't find myself. The book is filled with scripture, written prayer, and her own life experience that really remind you that we're not alone.

I'm going to leave you with this: remember that part in Harry Potter when Luna tells Harry that he's not much of a threat to Voldemort if it's just him by himself?  You know on Planet Earth when the lion separates the zebra from it's herd? Are you seeing where I'm going here? If the enemy can convince us we're alone then we can be devoured and defeated. If you are feeling alone and helpless, there's a good chance that you're actually not and there are people around you who want to be a part of your life. If you're feeling like no one likes you and "out of sight, out of mind". That is definitely a lie. If any of this post made you say "oh man, that sounds like me", I would encourage you first to call on Jesus, then to call someone and go out for coffee (or whatever you prefer), and then maybe get this book. If you click either picture, it will take you to Amazon :) I'm praying for you, ladies. Pray for me too. And remember, when it comes to being in the family of Jesus, we are all, always invited.

See you soon.

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