I Just Found Out That I'm A Perfectionist

Finished, Not Perfect.

Hey yall! Man oh man! It’s been a while since we’ve been together here on this platform! I always say I’d like to get better about posting regularly here… and I always mean it, but then I get crazed with a million other things to do! OR… and this is the most common one, I get started, I don’t really like it, I work on it forever and ever, and then it never gets finished. And it just stays in the annals of my documents folder. 

I have a few girlfriends who share very similar interests and are creative entrepreneurs, and whenever we get coffee and talk about our various projects, we always come back to the idea that we just don’t think it’s (What IT may be) perfect enough to put out for the world to see. Whether that may be a blog post, or a piece of artwork, or a song, or a garment we’re making. All of these ongoing creative project we have that we want to share, but we hold ourselves back by our perfectionism.

I’m going to be honest: I never thought I was a perfectionist. Until I tried posting about my capsule wardrobe. I tried to cram everything about my capsule wardrobe into one post. Not surprisingly, It was very difficult to organize. The post got really long and convoluted, I got discouraged, and ended up never posting anything about it! 

Well, since I’ve started sewing, I’ve really wanted to being sharing my projects with you here, and all the fun gadgets that can make your sewing projects easier, quicker, and blah blah blah, while being a source of encouragement. But even now as I type this out I’m thinking: This isn’t good enough. What a silly thought. Good enough for what? An award? A pat on the back? Who I am REALLY trying to impress? I’m not trying to impress anyone, gross! 

I’m just here to share my journey, my relationship with Jesus, and my projects, whatever they may be, in hopes that they encourage women to embrace the woman that God made them to be and have confidence to go after things they love!


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