Quarantine Crafts- Maternity Jumpsuit

Hey Friends!
Have you gone nuts yet? Thankfully, thus far Nate and I are faring well. It's been about a week, and in the state of CA the "stay at home" quasi mandate is indefinite, meaning, we don't have a concrete end date to any of this. With that in mind, I got to searching for sewing projects! You can see from my last post what those plans are, and I am happy/pleasantly surprised that I've already finished my black maternity jumpsuit!

HERE SHE IS! This is the first make I've finished in months. I really didn't do any winter sewing, Christmas was crazy, and I really couldn't find the energy being newly pregnant. But now that I've gotten some of that energy back, I'm ready to get back to my fave hobby. This was just the thing to get me back on the saddle and remind me what sewing is.

This is the pattern I used. While modern maternity patterns are kind of hard to find in shapes that I actually like, ETSY has no shortage. You just have to do a little digging and know you that you're gonna have to modernize quite a bit. 

So, you can see this is not what one would necessarily call form-fitting. I originally thought I'd need a size medium, so that's what I cut out. Y'all.... the medium was the equivalent of an XL! Seriously, it was hysterical how ginormous it was, so I pretty much had to take it apart and start over. And while that tends to send some folks for the hills never to sew again, but that's weirdly a part of the process I love. It's working a different part of my creative brain, a critical thinking part. Because the medium cuts were so huge (which I feel like is saying a lot... I'm not super small right now), I was able to cut out the Petite size (!!!) and it ended up being a perfect fit. The legs are slightly wider than I'd like, but it's nothing a little pegging at the ankles can't fix.

What do you think! Have I convinced you to take up sewing yet?