Fall 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

 Hey Friends! 

Fall is my favorite season for personal style, and I've decided I'm gonna go for the capsule wardrobe things again. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy, then had to endure 8 weeks of C-section recovery which means I couldn't be super active. So, I don't fit into a lot of my pre-pregancy stuff yet. Since I don't have a disposable income to just buy an all-new wardrobe to fit a transitioning body, I'm gonna pare it wayyyyyy down, and commit to only a few neutral items that all work with each other and wear them in creative ways.

First first things first: I'm forcing myself to embrace a pretty limited type of look. Leggings/Jeggings, Tunics, Cardigans, and Dresses for the most part. The real creativity will come from the way I decide to style them.

I've already mentioned that the color scheme is super neutral. This is so literally everything can go with every other thing in my closet, and in case you weren't sure, Leopard is 100% neutral. I'm a dress wearer for sure, and the dresses I chose to keep in my closet aren't neutral, but they can be dressed up or down, and are appropriate for the level of fanciness I come across in the fall. Last year Nate and I went to the most beautiful fall wedding out in the country of Tennessee, and this yellow dress that I made was perfect for the occasion. 

So, As far as shoes go, it just doesn't get really super cold here in Bako, so I can get away with wearing clogs and black flats well into the fall season. The booties will be perfect for transitioning into the holiday season, and Vans are perfect for our downtown family walks in the stroller. 

I know as far as outerwear goes, the teddy bear fleece coat is a kind of last year, but I still love it, and I found some slammin' deals on these two. Black cardigans are a must, and maybe you saw my post on who is inspiring my personal style right now, but this denim toggle coat is very Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote, and will get tons and tons of wear. 

I figure, since I'm now doing more laundry than I've ever done in my entire life anyway, I'll give this another go. This is actually what got me into sewing too. My rule for going out of the capsule is this: If you want it, you have to make it. I also love doing this, because I end up selling a ton of stuff I stopped wearing that I never knew I didn't need! you can check that out HERE. What are your thoughts? Would you do one? Does the idea of simplifying attract or repel you?