My Favorite Fall Trader Joe's Stuff

 Happy First Day of Fall, Friends!

It's officially, technically Fall! I say technically because we still have triple digits in our future here in Bakersfield, but us basic girls are all wishfully wearing our fall clothes hoping that will bring on the cooler weather. It really is all for naught, we know perfectly well that it's not gonna  really cool down 'til Halloween. Whatever. 

In the meantime, we have... Trader Joes. When I was little TJs was kind of weird and hippie dippie, but now that I'm big, Trader Joe's has become one my favorite stores. I grocery shop once a week to help us stick to our budget, and I legitimately look forward to grocery shopping (which is ironic for someone who doesn't love to cook). 

Well, I had the very good fortune of getting to TJ's the day after they put out all the fall stuff, so I had my pick of all things. I'll save my very very favorite thing for the end.

1. Pumpkin Trees
This isn't a food item, but I look forward to them every year. These obviously aren't actually little pumpkins, but they look so cute! I don't know the last thing about arranging flowers, so I just stick them in a vase and live my life. They get shrively when they die, but they don't lose their color, so they stay festive the entire season. 

2. Honeycrisp Apple Candle
Another non food item, but definitely one you want to get your hands on if you can. They sell out super fast for good reason. They smell like the perfect fall day; like the feeling you'd get at Apple Hill in Placerville. I grabbed two, and have yet to burn them. I'm waiting for a legit chilly overcast day. I'll be waiting at least a month. Worth it.

3. Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Mix.
These are no fail, and so insanely delish. The canister makes 24 cookies, I bought this on Thursday, made them on Friday, and by Sunday afternoon all 24 cookies were gone. I felt like I could possibly compete in the Great British Bake Off because I successfully bakes a soft cookie and it stayed soft. So... that's how no-fail they are.

4. Pumpkin Bisque
I love me some pumpkin soup in the Fall. My absolute favorite is from Panera, but this is a great option for enjoying it at home. Try adding Chicken Apple Sausage. The sweetness in the sausage really adds.
5. Cinnamon Toscano Cheese
Trader Joe's has turned me into a fake cheese snob. This cheese is so yummy, you can it eat by itself... which I most commonly do.

6. Pumpkin Pancake and Waffle Mix
I LOVE pancakes. They are so comforting. In the Parrish house pancakes are free game for any meal, not just breakfast. Whats great about this mix is that it requires more than just water, so they don't taste like pancake mix pancakes.

7. Harvet Blend Herbal Tea.
This. For me, this is the pinacle of Trader Joe's fall items. It's not apple cinnamon tea, and its not sweet and hot tea... it's it's own blend of autumnal magic. I bought 4 boxes of this on my last TJs run, and will probably pick up a few more boxes on my next one. I also get weird about sharing this tea with Nate. I don't like to. This is the perfect compliment to watching Murder She Wrote after putting Bishop to bed. Does that make me 85 years old? Maybe. 

What are your fave fall items from Trader Joe's? OR do you have another store that you love that has Fall seasonal stuff? And, it doesn't just have to be pumpkin stuff, there's so much good tasty non-pumpkin Fall-y stuff! Share your favorites with us! Can't wait to hear em!


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  2. Rachel, I share your love of Trader Joe's! For those of us enjoying the warmer days of Fall in California- check out their adorable Hold the Cone Pumpkin Ginger mini ice cream cones. I literally snagged the last box at my store 😁


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