Two Months In As A New Mommy


Good Morning Friends! Welp, if you haven't noticed (and you probably haven't), I'm working getting my writing muscles up again. There was a time when I documented my outfit every. single. day. I'm not kidding. You can find that blog here. I'm equal parts proud and embarrassed. I'm not joking, when I went back to college, I never wore the same outfit twice. That's just what happens when your husband works at a Buy Sell Trade thrift store and you get his discount. What a fun time that was for my personal style. If you're in the Sacramento area in Northern California, make sure you check out Freestyle Clothing Exchange. 

Okay, woah, obviously getting way off track here. Happy two months to my son, Bishop Allen. That's really why I'm here. Two months. That's it! But it feels like a freaking lifetime. There's just so much I could say about being a brand new mom, but I'm gonna talk about the most important thing I've learned about being a new mom.

Parenthood is the Gospel. I've never experienced anything even remotely close this before in my entire life. I never knew how much my parents loved me until I had Bishop (who is named after my dad, and his middle name is Nate's family middle name). But it's this: Bishop, right now, only knows how to depend on Nate and me for every single thing. There is no way he could survive without us. He doesn't really do anything cool, he can't read, or walk, or talk, or do anything. In fact, technically, all he does is drain my energy and cost me tons of money. But without a second thought, I would do literally anything for him. When he naps, I miss him. When I put him down to do something, I wish I was holding him. When I leave him at home with Nate to grocery shopping, I miss him. Everywhere I am, I want him there too. Not because it benefits me in any way, but because I just love him. He is the most beautiful thing I have ever beheld, even when I'm changing a blow-out.

This is how God sees us, our whole lives. We have no other option than to depend on Him. He is our only hope for redemption, salvation, peace, purpose, mission, true love. God says of his people "Whoever touches you, touches the apple of my eye." in Zecharaiah 2:8. Man, if that isn't parenthood. Not to mention the liberal nature of how he pours out his love on us. It wasn't until I had Bishop that I really understood what real unwavering unconditional love is. There's not a thing he could do that would make love him more, because then I would just explode, and there's not a thing he could do that would make me love him less. I have always known that of God and his love for me, but now I know know it. 

So that's really been the biggest lesson I've learned, besides all the other fun stuff that I've learned as a parent which are:

  1. I'm way more functional with very little sleep than I thought I could ever be.
  2. All my aesthetically beautiful baby stuff is useless. None of it functional or practical. Only my ugly bright plastic stuff works. 
  3. The key to cloth diapering is the toilet sprayer attachment, and working from home. It's totally working for us. Yay!
  4. I didn't have any storage issues with my phone until now. If you need to see a million pictures of my son, don't worry, I've got you covered.
  5. Thankfully I don't have very serious baby blues, but I AM super sensitive to sentimental stuff. I cry at the drop of a hat. 
  6. Worship is more precious to me than ever.
  7. I'm in the midst of an identity crisis, but in a good way, and I'll talk more on that in another post.
  8. Parenting is hard even with an "easy" baby. Bishop has Nate's temperament, and I am thanking the Lord every day for that. He's just a chill little bundle of sweetness.
So there you go folks, two months alive, and Bishop is ruling at life, and the Parrish people are hanging on for dear life, but enjoying the ride! Have a great weekend!