Where I'm Finding Fashion Inspiration These Days (And Where I'm Buying It)

 Hey friends!

I guess this is a mom blog now. I mean, it's only natural since it's my life now, right? Also, I officially in my mid 30's, like right in the middle at 34 closer to 35. I'm at the point in my life where I no longer understand the trends at Urban Outfitters and wonder how mothers are letting their daughters out of the house wearing the tiny things at Forever 21. I've graduated from super trendy trends, but still love clothes and personal style. Now that I have a Son and I'm nursing, I think about this a lot. Like mom jeans are now just jeans for me. 

Now before you TOTALLY laugh at the women I've been finding inspiration in. Let me just preface it all with: I used to wear vintage polyester dresses from the 70s and 80s almost every day when I was a teacher. when I purged allll my clothes to currate a capsule wardrobe, they were the things I didn't even consider selling. Even though they don't get nearly as much wear as they used to, my love for them will never die. 

ALSO: I've been watching a lot of 80s TV during the pandemic. It started with Family Matters, then progressed to Step by Step (which holds up TERRIBLY by the way), then Perfect Strangers (Which totally holds up and is awesome and heart warming. ALSO did you know Family Matters is a spin-off because Hariett is originally from that show?!). Now, Murder She Wrote, which may be one of my new favorite shows of all time. Jessica Fletcher is so BA. This combined with an undying love for Golden Girls, matronly 80's trends, and my already existing proclivity to being old lady-ish... what else would you expect would happen? 

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Dr. Deborah Birx, eat your heart out. Look at those scarf skills!
  2. That Denim Toggle Coat is the stuff of dreams (also, in this episode she's wearing light denim jeans... what a gal)
  3. If you're an MSW watcher, you've seen the awesome classic Burberry plaid lining. I mean, if I were a best-selling mystery writer and amateur sleuth, that's exactly what I would wear
  4. That red belt/bag combo. Yes, please. This is an outfit I would wear all day every day. Who wants to bet there are red shoes with that outfit too?

Clockwise from top Left

  1. Rose's sweater selection is second to none. Unfortunately, sweater vests aren't very nursing friendly.
  2. Thankfully cardigans are! I fully plan on wearing big chunky cardigans with all my dresses this fall. 
  3. I like to think this sweater is a portrayal of her home in St. Olaf.
  4. I love when Rose wears pink. We're such kindred spirits.
Sooooo. These things aren't at Target, and Gotschalks no longer exists, so where the heck would I find these types of items? Poshmark of course! I just search "denim toggle coat" and lo and behold... there it for $25! So, Loca Bakersfield l friends, keep your eyes peeled for my super-mom self at Smitts with my new super-mom uniform. Who's inspiring you these days? Zoe Deschanel? Maria Vonn Trap? Wonder Woman? I'd love to know!