Three And A Half Months Old: Fourth Trimester over.

Hey everyone!
Welcome back! Hope you're enjoying FALL in Bakersfield, which literally means is lower than 70 degrees. I know every basic woman on the planet Earth says this is their favorite time of year, but it's for a good reason! Around this time last year, we visited Franklin/Nashville TN and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME (poor Nate), I said "Wow, look at those trees!" literally everywhere we went. Bakersfield's Fall isn't quite that glorious, but I know I definitely do a celebration when I walk out the door to weather that is cooler than the inside of my apartment.

My precious little Bubby (that's his nickname) is three and a half months old. Evidently, the first three months are considered the "fourth trimester" because you're just barely getting used to having a baby in your life. Accurate. It has definitely taken me a full three months to establish any kind of new rhythm, but it's been done, and it makes all the difference. Here's what's been working for me, and if you're a new first-time mama like me or about to be, maybe this will be helpful for you! It's really only one thing.

I've found a time of day to carve out to be alone.
This has been monumental in my daily mental health. After Bishop's last  (and sometimes only) "nighttime" feeding between 4:45-5:30ish, instead of going back to bed to lie awake until 7ish (because of course, I can't get back to sleep right away), I stay up and have that time to myself before the boys wake up.  This gives me a chance to:
  • Make my fully caffeinated coffee the way I like it, and drink it all while it's still hot.
  • Read my Bible, listen to a podcast, and get a little journaling/prayer in
    • I'm listening to the back episodes of She Reads Truth while I wait for my subscription to come in, and I read my Bible along with the episodes, and jot down thoughts as I listen. I have a hard time knowing where to start on my own, but I want to really dig into scripture. This is a very accessible way to do that.
    • Also, it's not a podcast about motherhood. It's about Jesus and reading your Bible, so it gives me the opportunity to really focus on JESUS and not myself.
  • Make progress on a creative project, whether that be a blog post, a verse of a song, a step or two in a sewing pattern (My sewing machine is super quiet so I can actually turn it on).
Having this quiet time, and this SPECIFIC time in the morning really helps me to focus on the Lord, first thing. When I spend this time with Him in such a concentrated way, it doesn't necessarily make my day any easier (Bishop has no idea that I wake up early and he should call me blessed), but it does make my day better, and my family wakes up to a mommy in a good mood. Also, I should mention that I also turn into a pumpkin around 9:30 every night. 

I know, some of you are thinking "Wow, good for you, but I'm not a morning person, this would not work for me" I honestly thought the same thing. I have a girlfriend who does this also, and she also works out during her early time, and I legitimately thought she was nuts. I'd like to say that if I had the luxury of turning more lights on that I'd do the same... but I don't know. Probably not. We'll Never Know!

Well friends, I hope this was slightly illuminating. I know most of your reading this already have children (like more than one) and are reading this like "Oh Rachel, you're cute" But maybe you're in the same parenting boat as me and were able to take a nugget or two away. That's my hope. OR maybe you're already in the habit of getting some alone time in. How do you spend it? What part of your morning routine do you look forward to the most? 


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