It's Fake Fall, So Here's What I Can't Wait To Wear...Two Months From Now

This post is full of affiliate links, so there you go. With that disclaimer... Here we go!

You guys, it's September and I only want to do one thing: dress like it. But today was literally 105, and will be until after Halloween, so living vicariously through this post is the best I can do. 

Also, I've also FINALLY found it down in my soul (just kidding, taking care of my body is totally a spiritual thing... more on that later) to actually eat healthy (thank you three 3 week fruits and veggie fast and serious prayer time) and actually find an exercising activity I actually love. I literally traded my bougie fancy stroller for a very inexpensive and non-fancy jogging stroller and got to jogging! I get up, throw bubs in the stroller, and I jog 4 times a week. Here's the most surprising thing... I LOVE IT! Who freakin' knew?! Honestly, it's about being able to take my son with me. He's a blast to take a long. I get my app going, I start my podcast (The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, You're Not Crazy, or She Reads Truth) and I jog around my neighborhood. Bubs waves at all the families walking to the school bus pickup, it's the best. That being said: I'm starting to feel like my old self, and I'm fitting into smaller sizes (the two are not mutually exclusive, but it don't hurt).

Obviously being a mother changes a lot about you. As a person who loves shopping, but lives in a town with the worst shopping of all time (except for you Junkatique Outlet, I love you forever), it can be really hard to find your personal style. So... with my laptop, limited budget, and newfound confidence, to the internet, I go. Every single one of these is around $30! I say around because some are slightly less and some are slightly more. Choose your own adventure, I guess!

1. Green peplum sweater

I love me a feminine detail and I don't know if it gets any more girly than that peplum. I also love me any help I can get in the waist-definition department since I had a c-section. 

2. Black Mama Sweatshirt 

You may be surprised to see some mom-themed stuff on here, welp, no one more than me. But, this is who I am now, and I'm living it up cozy-style! 

3. Camel popcorn sweater 

I'm real big into all the things happening with this cutie guy right here.

4. Black peplum sweater

All the things... but black

5. Striped mock turtleneck sweater

This is for when I want to trick people into thinking that I'm a classy lady. But I'll probably switch out the buttons for some actual high-quality ones.

6. Leopard print half-zip

Could I possibly run in this when it starts to get cold in the morning? I don't know, it's not actually a running jacket, but I'm sure gonna give it a shot.

7.Green Mama Sweater

Again, with the mama stuff. I don't know whats come over me, but I love this color combo, and I just picture myself being all cozy while I gaze lovingly at all my fall decorations.

8.Ghost Instarsia Sweater

Okay, I know this is so super literal and might be done at midnight on 10/31, but the ghosts are so insanely cute! 

Those are the ones that caught my eye for fall. One final thought. The two mama sweatshirts are actually not affiliate links, and they are not from Amazon, and they are a little more pricey. For good reason! They are from small businesses ran by normal humans. The black one is from Ford and Wyatt and you should definitely read their story. The green one is from Alice and Wonder, and if there's something I can appreciate, it's a love for one's hometown, and they definitely have that. Keep your eyes peeled for some more fall picks coming soon! See ya guys!